Play Wrestle Jump 2 Online

<p><b>Want to try your hand at the ring? This is an online sports game for real wrestlers</b><br/> A <b>free game</b> for your browser, where you have to be in the role of a wrestler. A skilled wrestler will easily win an opponent – you just need to help him!<br/> <br/> <b>Game</b> modes are presented in options for a single <b>player</b> and for the company. The <b>game</b> has three types of modes, you can <b>play</b> either alone or with one of several friends.<br/> <br/> Pressing the button C activates the movement of the hero’s legs – the characters begin to move and their position changes. Your task is to make the character not get any damage and be able to destroy the opponent with a well-aimed blow to the head. The head is the most vulnerable place in fighters.<br/> <br/> How to <b>play</b>:<br/> • press the key, even if you are in the air, – and move<br/> • don’t let a character fall head down – it hurts his health<br/> • try to catch the inertia of motion to strike a well-aimed blow.<br/> <br/> You can control the hero with just one button, so it is very simple. Fiery music adds to the atmosphere of fun – excitement appears during the <b>game</b> instantaneously! Movement of the character is different – he can move his foot to the left, right, down – it depends on the random choice.<br/> <br/> <b>Players</b> act for a team of different colors. In the <b>multiplayer game</b> mode, you can either <b>play</b> with a friend or select a random <b>game</b> – the system will select for you a suitable <b>player</b> among those who are <b>online</b>.</p>